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Do you believe in accountability? Justice? Right to a fair trial?

Sam Ivy does. 

Sam comes from a family that is dedicated to public service.  His grandfather, country humorist and former state legislator and commissioner of agriculture, L.H. "Cotton" Ivy, along with his father, trial attorney and Chief of the Jackson, Tennessee U.S. Attorney's Office Victor L. Ivy, have devoted their lives to serving people in Tennessee, and have instilled these values into Sam.  He was mentored by renowned West Tennessee trial attorney J. Houston Gordon, whose entire career has been and still is focused on helping individuals who are in trouble and injured individuals and families in Tennessee and many other states receive fair compensation for their injuries. 

Sam has been trained and has experience in handling the most serious and catastrophic personal injury cases, including those unfortunate incidents that have resulted in wrongful death as a result of the negligent or reckless acts of another.  Each incident is not just a "case" to Sam.  He is interested in the injured individuals and families involved in the matter, and works tirelessly to recover compensation for them for both the physical and emotional injuries that they have suffered.  He also handles criminal cases in both state and federal courts.  The right to a trial by jury is a concept that is very near and dear to him, and he believes that it is the single most important right that citizens of the United States of America and the State of Tennessee possess. 

Sam married his law school sweetheart, and they reside in West Tennessee with their dog, Ralphie.  Sam is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys being in nature.  He loves hunting and fishing.



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